Which TRU PRO String Should I Get?

A short and simple guide to choosing a TRU PRO string. The ultimate test - just play and go with your gut feel.

I am a beginner player and have not played with a co-polyester string before

Try TRIUMPH, a high-end multifilament string offering playability and arm-friendliness. Or if you are looking to try a co-polyester, go for a hybrid of TOUR STATUS in the main with a thinner gauge GHOST WIRE in the cross.

I am a beginner player used to playing with a co-polyester string

Are you looking to get more spin? If so, test out the ultimate spin monster FIREWIRE. For added control and comfort, try FIREWIRE BOOST. Another good choice is TOUR STATUS if you just need a little bit of everything - power, control and spin potential.

I am an intermediate player looking to improve my game

Give BLACK KNIGHT a go. Your footwork and technique will need to be of a certain level to bring out the best of this control string. Another tested option and vouched for by my customers is the BLACK KNIGHT / GHOST WIRE hybrid. If you are looking for more spin, FIREWIRE BOOST is another option.

I am an advanced player and play competitive games regularly

BLACK KNIGHT is your knight in shining armor here. Try the thinner gauge if you are not a string breaker for more power, spin and comfort. Go for the thicker gauge for greater durability and slower loss of tension. TOUR STATUS is also another excellent choice here if you prefer a balanced string with a crisp and livelier feel.

Our newest string ATOMOS, manufactured in Germany and developed by tournament players for the tournament player, finds its sweet spot between BLACK KNIGHT and TOUR STATUS. It offers plenty of control with increased power. In addition, its unique shape adds additional ball bite.

Of what geometric shape ATOMOS has and where does it sit in the lineup?

Since it is not an officially definable geometric shape, it is difficult to answer this question, but internally we sometimes refer to it as a “flower shape”. Based on our playing experience, ATOMOS should offer more spin than BLACK KNIGHT but not as much as FIREWIRE. Plus you can't help but notice the plushness of ATOMOS.

What is the difference between Black Knight and Tour Status? Both plays feel quite similar

BLACK KNIGHT offers exceptional directional and depth control which can be beneficial for competitive players with high racket speeds. Please note that BLACK KNIGHT holds tension very well when it comes off the stringer so you might want to consider stringing it 1-2 lbs lower than your usual poly setup.

TOUR STATUS is our most balanced string when it comes to power and control. Durability and access to spin are about the same for both strings. It has a crisp and livelier feel than BLACK KNIGHT and offers a bit more power as well.

I have my favorite main string and looking for a good cross string for a hybrid setup

Nothing beats the tested and proven GHOST WIRE, rated by United States Racquet Stringers Association as one of the softest co-polyester strings for a hybrid setup. Lab tests reveal that the 19g is as soft as many 16/17g nylon/multifilament strings on the market!

In fact, pairing any shaped co-polys in the mains with GHOST WIRE in the cross, reduces or eliminates the break-in period and provides a little extra comfort and power with exceptional tension stability.

Need more help choosing the right TRU PRO strings?

Get in touch with us here with your level, playing style and current tennis racket setup - racket model + strings (including gauge and tension) and what you hope to get out of your new strings. We will be glad to share more based on our personal playing experience and customers' feedback.